Supply Chain Services

WestconGroup Supply Chain Services provide vital end-to-end solutions to our partners worldwide,
with integration options in 22 logistics centers serving 150 countries. With Westcon as your trusted partner,
you can offload system setup, testing and basic configurations for installations; instantly freeing up your staff
to concentrate on more profitable work.

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Logistic Services
  • Integration Services
  • Tagging
  • Staging Services
  • Component Assembly and Testing
  • Software and Firmware Updates
  • Configuration Services
  • Supply Chain Office (Project Management)
Cisco Business Edition 6000 Configure-to-Order

The CTO for the Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6K) service allows your engineers to capture and provide relevant
pieces of information pertinent to the installation of BE6K applications to Comstor. Based on the information your team provides, skilled Comstor technicians install the BE6K specified applications. Upon completion, we will ship the BE6K
to the address you provide, where your engineering team will complete the physical installation along with the software configuration.



The primary factor limiting your competitiveness is the deployment times and costs of a BE6K. Each BE6K
deployment requires a significant time investment. With the multiple interactions required during the installation
process, the task is complex and not easily automated. Comstor helps streamline this process.

Immediate Benefits to you

  • Decrease the BE6K complexity with pre-loaded (not pre-configured) applications
  • No more BE6K as “Dead On Arrivals” and no last-minute cancellations of maintenance windows
  • CTO gives you costs savings and freeing up your engineering talent to focus on the customer’s need instead.
  • CTO gives you a 30% reduction in deployment times, average install time without CTO 6 days, with CTO 4 days.


> Download the CTO-Guide here



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